Web Design Male’

If you didn’t already know by now, I build websites for clients all around the country, from Male’, to Haa Alifu Atoll, to Seenu Atoll. I’m fortunate enough to work on some fantastic projects, with many of my clients being based in Male’, which is all made possible by technology. Using Skype and other communication tools, I can work interactively, quickly and efficiently, maximising the time I spend at my desk working, rather than spending time traveling the country. This allows me to focus on the project, as well as allocating your budget to just me sitting at the desk, working on your project.  Here’s a few reasons why you should work with me, even though I may not be based nearby:

Quick To Respond

I pride myself on always being online and being available to contact most of the day. I work iteratively, quickly and efficiently to tweak, adjust and improve things. I’m always available to go through and explain design choices as well as answer any questions. No having to wait days for replies, either.

I’m impatient myself, so I know how it feels to feel out of the loop, or not having regular updates or previews of your project. This is why I make the effort to deliver the best possible service to my clients.

Unique Ideas

I love working on projects where I can have a creative input. I like thinking outside the box to create unique experiences. Working remotely cuts my travel time, allowing me more time to sit at my desk. I use tools such as Skype, where I can show you my ideas, where we can work together and shape the project. This is what I believe to be the best way to create a quality end product.

Personal Experience

You pay me, for working on your project. No paying for a large building, electricity costs, or people’s wages which means that there’s no additional costs to cater for unnecessary extras. The second major advantage is that I’m involved in every aspect of the project, from design, to development, to the online marketing strategy. This means there’s no needing to find multiple people, or no cooks spoiling the broth, or no wasting time getting people up to speed.

Range of Skills

I’m not a jack of all trades – but I have experience in every aspect of web design. I’ve always believed that a designer should know how to code, to be able to truly design for the web.

My skills lie in design. Whenever anyone asks, I’m a design-led developer. I love crafting user experiences, then user interfaces. I also love turning these concepts into a product, executing my design ideas. I can control every aspect of the project, which makes my job much easier and in my opinion, produces a better quality product.

I have a very strong knowledge in front-end design, as well as back-end development, which means there’s no real limit in terms of what projects I can/can’t do. I’ve also recently started work on iOS applications, providing even more knowledge in everything your business may need to succeed in the technology world.

Why Choose Me Over an Agency?

For certain projects, especially very large projects, with a tight deadline, I do recommend agencies. They have more men on the ground and can deliver. In every other circumstance, using a freelance web designer has quite a few benefits:

  • More affordable, as a rule.
  • One person – no chasing multiple people.
  • Smaller, more personal.

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